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Chiropractic is a Science, Philosophy, and an Art.
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Chiropractic is a Science, Philosophy, and an Art.

The science is based on the relationship between the body's structure and function. It is the study of how the nervous system affects the body's system and organization. The science of chiropractic is one of diagnostic evaluation and of clinical trials and research.

The philosophy of chiropractic is based upon the body's innate intelligence, that is, the wisdom of the body to heal itself.
In its infinite wisdom, the body seeks to maintain homeostasis, a balanced state. It is capable of adapting to external and internal stresses, for example, shivering when we are cold, sweating when hot, and the release of adrenalin in a fear response.

The art of chiropractic is the hands-on sensitivity that the doctor of chiropractic learns through time and experience. Through motion and static touch the chiropractor becomes skilled at the art of an adjustment, which involves a specific force, speed, and torque. .

The Beginning

In 1895, Daniel David Palmer, the father of chiropractic science, coined the term chiropractic -- a practice done by hand.

He was a magnetic healer who was the first to establish the cause and effect relationship between spinal subluxations and dysfunction of the nervous system. He believed that when the interference of nervous transmissions was eliminated by adjusting the vertebrae, the body was returned to balance, and could heal itself. With this discovery, chiropractic was born.

When the bones of the body are properly aligned and are not fixated, there are clear signals of communication between the body and the brain, resulting in balance that leads to health.

Chiropractic VS Medical Model

Chiropractic differs from the medical model in it's philosophy and approach.

Chiropractic views the body holistically. It is a natural approach that does not use drugs or surgery. It is not based on "curing" symptoms but rather on maintaining wellness and vitality .

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