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It's Not Just Pain Relief!

Payne's Chiropractic Advantage, located at 416 Church Street in Ottumwa Iowa, is founded on the practice of subluxation-based wellness chiropractic, not just symptom relief.

We believe that the prevention of problems is easier (and healthier) than treatment of conditions after their onset. A healthy body can overcome many obstacles that a weakened body cannot. And, the only way to have a strong, healthy body is to keep the lines of communication to-and-from the brain opened and unaltered.

We believe you were born with and have a natural healing ability or “inner healer” that is always working to make you 100% whole, healthy and happy. It’s always there.

It's All In You!

We recognize that all living things have an inborn or innate wisdom constantly working to maintain us in health and heal us if we are injured or diseased. There is a physical condition that interferes with the expression of our inner wisdom, preventing us from expressing our utmost healing potential.

It is called vertebral subluxation complex or “spinal nerve stress.” This condition irritates our nervous system, distorts our physical posture, drains our energy, weakens us, blocks up our natural healing energies or vitality, lowers our resistance to disease and our ability to adapt to physical, emotional and spiritual stress.

We’ve spent years of specialized training learning to locate subluxations and correct or relieve them with a procedure called a spinal adjustment. This begins a process that unlocks your energies, balances your body and awakens your “inner healer.” It doesn’t matter what disease or condition you have, when your subluxations are corrected your inner healer is given a boost and your body (and mind) can better experience health and healing and wholeness.

Everyone needs a chiropractic spinal checkup. It may make the difference between natural healing and drug use, between a life of ease and a life of dis-ease (disharmony).

An Experiment

What would happen if you cut your hand?

You'd bleed, of course, but almost immediately afterwards the blood around the cut would begin to clot, sealing off the wound and preventing further blood loss and infection. The act of clotting is made up of at least fifteen different chemical reactions!

Your blood, however, will clot even if you haven't studied biology.

Further, any dirt or bacteria and other germs that got in the cut would be hunted down, attacked and gobbled up by a vast, natural, antibiotic army made up of white blood cells, neutrophils, eosinophils, leukocytes, mast cells killer cells, antibodies and others that constantly patrol and protect your nooks and crannies.

But you don't have to know their names, what they look like or even know they exist for them to work.

A Cancer Patient:

If you cut the hand of a cancer patient, even they would heal.   But, if they can heal their cut, why can't they heal their cancer?

They can!

Medical journals contain many stories of recoveries from "incurable" diseases.

Something "woke up" their natural inner healer and the cancer began to dissolve.

This has been documented with nearly every disease known and is referred to as "spontaneous remission."

But must we wait to get a serious disease before we awaken our "inner healer?"

The 3 Most Dangerous Healthcare Trends You’d Better Know

1. In some areas of surgery, the U.S. has ten times more surgeries than any other country.

ABC's Nightline reported that U.S. surgeons perform 15 million unnecessary surgeries each year.

2. The pharmaceutical market earns $49 billion per year from prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, adverse reactions to drugs causes 8.8 million hospital visits per year, generating a side business for hospitals in the neighborhood of $47 billion per year.

3. 75% of the population suffers from (or will suffer from) back pain or neck pain. It is second only to childbirth as the reason for hospital visits.

People do not realize that minor back or neck pain, burning or numbness are not normal.

Think of them like warning lights on your car�s dashboard.

If your "oil" light was flashing, would you just remove the light bulb and not check the oil?

Then why do people take pain pills instead of finding out (and fixing) the CAUSE of their pain?

Because most people don't know any better.

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