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What Causes VSC?

Subluxations can arise from many sources. Trauma, auto accidents, slips and falls, and poor posture rank among the top causes.

Also, chemicals such as pesticides, contaminated food, poor water quality and the use of toxic chemicals in the home or workplace can set the stage for subluxation. Even mental and emotional stresses can play a role in subluxation development.

The birthing process itself may be one cause, (if not the major cause) of a personís first subluxation.

How Does Birth Cause a Subluxation?

Birth is a natural process, a miracle. However, the birth process can put unnatural stresses on a new baby that can induce subluxation. Additionally, medically induced labor or procedures often precludes a natural labor and birth.

High pressure, cesarean section, twisting of the head, pulling, forceps, and suction can place tremendous stress on the neck and spinal cord, thereby producing subluxation and a myriad of subluxation-related health problems

Can This Be Helped?

This whole process can be helped in several ways. First, when a woman is pregnant, she should follow her doctorís instructions for exercise, diet, and health. She should get her spine checked regularly during pregnancy to ensure optimum nerve innervation to her reproductive organs and pelvic muscles, which is necessary to the babyís optimal development and to promote a more productive labor.

Secondly, have the newborn checked for subluxations as soon as possible after delivery, even after an uncomplicated birth. A difficult labor can dramatically affect mother and baby. This difficulty can be caused by such things as dysfunctional contractions, poor positioning of the baby during labor, or a large baby relative to the size of the motherís pelvis, among other causes.

Health problems in the infant that can result from a difficult labor include; VSC, damage to the bones and tissue of the skull, facial nerve palsy, injury to the brachial plexus (nerves to the arms), breathing problems, difficulty feeding, ear infections, and colic.

While pregnancy and birth are usually monumental life events, they can be stressful. By correcting the subluxations of the mother during pregnancy, and of the child soon after birth, we can allow new babies to begin life functioning at optimum health.

Research on Chiropractic and Children

There is active research within the chiropractic and scientific community on subluxation and its effects on children. A 1997 study of 332 children with ear infections, published in the Journal of Chiropractic Pediatrics, concluded that chiropractic management is safe and effective in the treatment of ear infections (otitis media).

In 1999, a study on infantile colic was published in JMPT from the University of Southern Denmark. The randomized controlled trial confirmed that chiropractic adjustments were not only safe, but more effective in the care of colic than the standard medical treatment of prescribed medication (which can cause additional unwanted side effects).

The chiropractic profession spends millions of dollars each year researching ways to improve health and wellness for people of all ages.

Is It Safe to Adjust Children?

It is very safe to adjust children and infants. Children actually respond even more quickly to chiropractic care than adults because they donít have long-standing subluxations and years of associated malfunction to work through.

Children sustain many trips and falls while learning to walk, climb, and while they play. Many of these occur at school, or with the babysitter, and go unobserved by parents. Take your children for regular chiropractic evaluations (check-ups) and talk to your chiropractor about the different warning signs of subluxation to look for in your children.

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